Marquette Center for Peacemaking

Sharing Voices of Peace Through Video Storytelling

Real Problem

The Marquette Center for Peacemaking has a great story to tell as an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to promoting peace, nonviolence and social justice through education, research and action. It also has a problem: lack of awareness for all the good things it does for the local and global community. It needed a partner to help break through the noise, sharing information about its unique mission among current and incoming students and donors, to ensure the center continues to flourish. It also needed to step up its game in video from previous in-house efforts.



On-screen storytelling. The center previously had used longer-form videos to tell its story and initially asked Carl Collective to do the same. We suggested a different approach: Bringing to life the success stories of students and faculty through a series of shorter vignette-style pieces, as well as a longer, sizzle video. All of the videos would showcase the center’s positive impact and contributions on campus, in the community and around the world, by telling eight unique stories. Through our expert storytelling techniques, we artfully distilled the center’s diverse programming into compelling narratives that can only be authentically shared by those who have lived it.

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